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The Washington Hilton takes pride in the condition and aesthetic appearance of our facility. In order to maintain a quality image for all Hotel guests, there are a few things we ask of you during your stay:

Only professionally printed signage is allowed in the meeting/convention areas. These signs can be used with easels or in sign stands; easels or sign stands are permitted in the convention area at the discretion of the Event Department. Sign poles will be supplied without charge, as inventory allows, for use in meeting rooms.

No handwritten signs or flipcharts are allowed outside the meeting rooms. No banners can be hung along the walls of the Public Areas. In addition, nothing is to be placed over exit doors or located to conceal or obscure any exit.

Additional guidelines regarding signage are as follows:
Banners may be hung in any of our meeting rooms at a fee of $85.00 per banner. Signage and sign holders or easels are not permitted in the hotel lobby or sleeping room hallways. Easels for exhibitors must be obtained from the exhibit service company.

The hotel does not provide signage. All signage brought in must be professionally made and meet the requirements of Hotel Management. Due to the number of hospitality suites in use during conventions, the location of hospitality signage must be confined to the meeting room area. Signs or banners may not be taped, stapled, nailed, tacked or otherwise affixed to any hotel doors, walls, columns, or other parts of the building or furnishings. Distribution of gummed promotional stickers or labels is strictly prohibited. Any actions necessary for the protection and/or repair of the premises, equipment or furnishings will be at the expense of the exhibitor or association.

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