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Loading Dock

There are two loading docks at the Washington Hilton. They are both located on the 19th  Street side of the hotel, near the corner of 19th Street and Florida Avenue.

Trade/Exhibit Show Contractor will manage all truck traffic related to a show in which they are contracted to include the following:

-Any  sub contractors which the general contractor has hired (i.e.-plants,  lighting, video, audio, etc.)
-Any  exhibitor sponsor of the show who has special requirements
-Any  vehicle which is part of an exhibit, display or give away.
-Contractor  must supply a traffic manager to be stationed on the street during all  hours which dock is open.
-Contractors Traffic Manager needs to check in at the security desk and identify themselves. 

Hotel Loading Dock hours:

Monday – Friday 7am – 9pm
Saturday and Sunday 9am – 9pm

No early dock arrivals-prior to 7am M-F or 9am Sat and Sun.

Loading Dock:

The loading dock can accommodate two trucks or trailers located on 19th Street side of hotel.
Height of the street side roll-up door entrance is 14’6”. 
Height of the dock is 44-1/2”, with adjustable lifts for unloading trucks. 
The length of the dock is 53’ with the roll-up door closed.

The dock opens onto a staging area near the Columbia elevators.

Delivery Requirements:

If a  truck arrives earlier than their scheduled time, they will be asked to  leave the immediate area surrounding the hotel as local regulations do not allow truck parking anywhere around the hotel. The hotel will call police to enforce local laws.

All independent exhibitor freight has to be coordinated and managed by the Exhibitor/Trade
Show Contractor.

All vehicles as part of a display must be on a roll back truck. No car carrier trailers will be allowed to deliver directly to hotel. Vehicles must have a full tank of gas and the battery disconnected. All vehicles will need to be pushed into place and will not be allowed to be started up.

No truck is permitted to sit with its engine running while being unloaded or waiting to back on dock.

No truck is permitted to travel north on 19th Street above the dock as this is strictly a residential area.

All contractors delivering or picking up freight must provide a schedule of their trucks to the Hotel 48 hrs prior to any such activity as well as the truck size. The hotel will review the schedule and any adjustments will be communicated back to the contractor. 

Rules for Drivers:

-No double parking allowed on 19th Street.
-Trucks only allowed to park in the loading zone on 19th Street.
-No truck idling allowed on 19th Street or Florida Avenue.
-No truck horns or revving of the engine
 -Trucks will obey all posted municipal traffic enforcement signage.
-Trucks will disengage their driver cab if the truck is longer than the dock bay.
-Sidewalks will remain clear at all times.

Marshalling Yard requirements:

The Decorating Company will be responsible for marshaling all trucks coming to
their event regardless of the freight weight.

Finding a marshalling area for the trucks will be the contractor’s responsibility.

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