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Exhibitor Contract- In order to protect your association/company and the Washington Hilton, the Hotel requires that the Responsibility Clause set forth in the Convention Agreement be included in your exhibitor contracts.
Your rental does not include the following:
  1. Drayage
  2. Decoration
  3. Guard Service
  4. Labor (i.e. carpenters, electricians)
  5. Cleaning of booths and aisles
  6. Booth and aisle carpeting
  7. Staging
  8. Trash Removal, including dumpster pulls


Exhibit/Production Floor Plans- The official decorator/exhibit company/production company you select must submit floor plans of the proposed exhibit/production layout to the Event office for approval three (3) months prior to the show. The Fire Marshall fee for reviewing floor plan is $100, which is to be handled by the Decorator.  Any changes to approved plans will require additional approval by the Fire Marshall.

Floor Load Limit- The floor load limit is 125 pounds per square-foot.

Storage of Exhibit Materials- The Hotel cannot accept and store shipments of exhibit materials in advance of a show. It will be necessary for you to make arrangements with your exhibitor service to receive and store exhibits for delivery to the Hotel on the move in date. Should any property not be removed by the designated move out date, the Hotel management may store, or cause to be stored, any such property and your organization or the exhibitor will be charged a reasonable fee for all expenses incurred.

Signs, Posters, and Promotional Materials- In no case may anything be posted, nailed, screwed on, or otherwise attached to columns, walls, floor, or other parts of the building or furnishings. Distribution of gummed promotional stickers or labels is strictly prohibited. Any actions necessary for the protection and/or repair of the premises, equipment or furnishings, will be at the expense of the exhibitor of the association.

 Table Top Exhibit Tables - The hotel is able to provide a limited number of Table Top Exhibit Tables.  The $125 per table cost includes a 6'X30" table, drop cloth, 2 chairs and a waste basket.

Insurance Requirements- Your association/company and any outside contractors that you hire for your show will be subject to responsibility for claims arising out of the use of the premises of the Hotel, as provided in the
Convention Agreement. In addition, the Hotel requires that your association/company and any outside contractors that you hire obtain and maintain insurance, as provided in the Convention Agreement.

The Washington Hilton requires that your association/company and any outside contractors that you hire agree to obtain and maintain Comprehensive General Liability Insurance during the use of the premises. Such insurance shall be in the amount of not less than the amount agreed in your contract for personal injury and property damage. The Washington Hilton, its Owners, and Hilton Hotels Worldwide shall be named as additional insured on such policy, and your association/company and any outside contracts that you hire shall supply the Washington Hilton with
certificates of Insurance at least thirty (30) days prior to the use of the premises.

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